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I use high quality onesies and shirts, and I can use any kinds/colors of fabrics for the appliques. If you would like other colors, please specify in the Additional Comments Section. Otherwise, the applique will come as pictured.

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Girly Monogrammed Crab Shirt-Monogrammed Crab Shirt, Crab Ruffle Shir,- Girl Summer Shirt, Quatrefoil Crab, Pink Crab Applique, Girl Ruffle Shirt, Monogram Shirt
Girly Monogrammed Crab Shirt
Ferris Wheel Shirt-Ferris Wheel Shirt, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel applique, Ferris Wheel onesie, Ferris Wheel bodysuit, circus shirt, fair shirt, merry go round shirt, birthday shirt, circus birthday, cute birthday shirt, bright summer shirt, summer outfit
Ferris Wheel Shirt
Train Patch Shirt-train shirt, train, train applique, plaid train, train outfit, train shorts, cute train, train birthday, choo choo train birthday, train first birthday, train second birthday
Train Patch Shirt
Vintage Cement Truck Shirt-truck shirt, truck, cement truck, vintage stitch, vintage embroidery, vintage cement truck, cute truck, cement truck, truck outfit, truck birthday
Vintage Cement Truck Shirt
Seersucker Monogrammed Applique Ruffle Shorts Set-seersucker ruffle shorts, seersucker applique, seersucker monogram shirt, monogrammed shirt, scallop monogram, scalloped monogram font, monogrammed ruffle shirt, ruffle shirt, pink seersucker shorts, pink seersucker ruffle shorts
Seersucker Monogrammed Applique Ruffle Shorts Set
Floral and Polka Dot Ruffle Shorts Set-ruffle shorts, ruffle short set, monogram shirt, monogrammed shirt, scallop monogram, ruffle shirt, floral ruffle shorts, vintage ruffle shorts, vintage shirt
Floral and Polka Dot Ruffle Shorts Set
Go Team Baseball Outfit-baseball shirt, baseball onesie, baseball bodysuit, baseball outfit, baseball monogram, baseball gingham shorts, gingham shorts, red gingham shorts, baseball, baseball applique, baseball applique shirt, applique baseball, applique, monogram, sibling baseball outfits
Go Team Baseball Outfit
Patriotic Monogrammed Polo-patriotic monogram polo, monogrammed polo, monogram, monogrammed polo shirt, monogrammed shirt, red white and blue shirt, red white and blue monogram, stars n bars font, stars n stripes font, patriotic monogram
Patriotic Monogrammed Polo
Monogrammed Shirt-monogrammed shirt, monogram, monogrammed onesie, name shirt, name onesie, simple shirt, monogrammed shirt name, cute monogram
Monogrammed Shirt
Bounce House Shirt-Bounce House, Bounce House shirt, Bounce House onesie, cute birthday shirt, birthday onesie, bouncy house, bouncy house shirt, Bounce House applique, boy birthday, girl birthday shirt, birthday outfit
Bounce House Shirt
Construction Crane Shirt-crane shirt, construction crane shirt, construction shirt, construction onesie, construction bodysuit, construction birthday, construction birthday shirt, construction, tractor shirt
Construction Crane Shirt
Truck w/ Dog Shirt-truck shirt, truck and dog shirt, dog shirt, truck dog applique, applique shirt, cute boy applique shirt, monogram shirt, monogram, applique
Truck w/ Dog Shirt
Dinosaur Shirt-dinosaur, dinosaur shirt, dinosaur onesie, dinosaur bodysuit, cute dinosaur shirt, dinosaur birthday, birthday, dinosaur outfit, dinosaur birthday outfit
Dinosaur Shirt
Helicopter Monogram Shirt-helicopter, helicopter shirt, helicopter onesie, helicopter bodysuit, helicopter birthday, cute boy shirt, boy applique shirt, monogram helicopter, monogrammed helicopter shirt,
Helicopter Monogram Shirt
Baseball Big/Little Brother Shirt-brother shirts, brother  onesies, big brother shirt, little brother shirt, brother sister shirts, siblings shirt, cute matching sibling shirts
Baseball Big/Little Brother Shirt
Coupe Car Shirt-fisher price coupe car, fisher price coupe car shirt, coupe car, coupe car shirt, coupe car onesie, ride on car, ride on car shirt
Coupe Car Shirt
$22.00 - $24.00
Vintage Mason Jar Shirt-mason jar shirt, mason jar, mason jar embroidered shirt, cute mason jar shirt, mason jar applique, monogrammed mason jar
Vintage Mason Jar Shirt
Guardian Angel Shirt-guardian angel, guardian angel shirt, guardian angel onesie, cute shirt,
Guardian Angel Shirt

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